I’ve been reflecting on this after some interesting encounters. I don’t mean the bedroom kind of passion that we all need a bit of, I mean the everyday excitement of doing what you love. For the first time in my life I have a local pub, somewhere that’s a walk away, with real ales and real people. I love that I can sit with strangers and make friends, people united in living in the same place and enjoying a drink. The other evening I met a guy whose passion was to fish, he’d just come back from 3 days fishing on the Avon and Wye. He knew all about the best rivers and local fish, the joy of waiting two days for a bite then putting the fish back as it was too young to take. He spoke enthusiastically about the solitude and stillness and being out in nature. He talked about the life cycle of salmon and the amazing journey they make. He got excited – fishing was clearly his passion, his thing. It brought back memories for me of fishing for crabs with my grandad up in Peterhead where he was a fisherman.

I also have a local shop that’s run by ‘Rocky’. He and his wife run the shop from 7am till 10pm everyday. His attitude is continually positive and upbeat. I talk to Rocky when I collect my paper. It’s very clear what he is passionate about is a lot more than a business. For him it’s all about the people. At Christmas he put out glasses of wine for his customers. For some of his older customers he can be the only contact they have day to day. He’ll spend time talking to them, he’s providing a social service to those that otherwise would be lonely.

One of the most passionate people in my life was my old friend Mrs B, she died a few years ago in her own home at age 101, but well into her 90’s she was painting. She was a botanical artist which meant that she would pick a flower from her garden then paint it. Painting was her passion and gave her something to get up for, it helped with the pain of arthritis and the results were amazing. In her younger days she’d had exhibitions in London. I so enjoyed her company and wisdom – she was the best life coach I could wish for. For her 100 birthday we held a party in the village hall and put her paintings up on the walls, she was so proud. She gave me one that helps to remind me of her everyday.

I’ve a friend I’m coaching for the second stage of a chief executive post. They already know she has the competence and experience for the job. What the interview panel now really want to see is her passion for the role, her excitement and energy to lead and motivate a management team and staff. That’s what will make her stand out from the others.

Now having more freedom as a freelancer I’m trying to do more of the things I love – cycling, running, hiking the Malverns and coaching…and have a new business idea that combines the last two. I’m working on bringing my passions into my business, and why not. Life is too short not to enjoy what you do.