Persuasive Plans

– working with you, your teams and stakeholders on the top plan for the organisation to set a motivating direction and crystal clear clarity for a bolder future.

Why this matters

Key to a successful strategy – a persuasive plan – is setting out a motivating vision of the future and persuading your people to want to get there. It’s the most important plan you’ll ever create and the way you develop it really matters to getting the buy in and commitment – it needs to be inclusive and involve people. And when resources are tight, as they are these days, with less money, less time and less people, it’s even more important to know where you are going and what is, and isn’t, a priority.

I can help with

  • Constructive feedback on your current plan – what works now and what could be better
  • Running workshops for senior managers and leading members on developing your priorities
  • Development of your new plan including running focus groups with staff, with residents and your partners too